Bad girl cupcakes

Bad girl cupcakes







Vanilla cupcakes with caramel butter frosting and shaving of orange milk chocolate...


Is it wrong?

So the basic sponge is as per usual.

150g margarine or butter

150g caster sugar

1 vanilla pod


CREAM – I’m using a fab KitchenAid


Add 2 eggs

Sift 150g of self raising flour


MIX – start slowly and work gradually faster.


Spoon or pipe into cupcake cases.


BAKE – they should be golden brown.




125g of caster sugar – caramelize in a hot pan. I just add the sugar and stirr – I don’t use water – you may wish to watch this video as it is the same process but without the chocolate


80g of gently warmed cream


Once the sugar is caramelized gently add the warmed cream.


STIR – Leave to cool but not harden!




One block of unsalted butter

300g of icing sugar

3 – 4 table spoons of cream


MIX – I use my KitchenAid – tip – I cover in a damp cloth to stop the plumes of icing sugar.






Mix in the caramel to the butterfrosting







PIPE – I then used a grater to shave chocolate – like it isn’t sweet enough……