Meet Lisa Marley

Lisa Marley has a passion for fresh flavours and likes to take classical recipes and simplify them for everyday cooking.

Filming the pilot for a new cooking show ‘Saint or Sinner’ August 2017 

Lisa gained a cooking diploma at the renowned Ashburton cookery school in Devon and has an advanced level 3 in Patisserie and Confectionary from Westminster Kingsway College.Having taught culinary workshops and classes she decided to set up her own successful company, The Cocoa Box Ltd in 2009. With over 80,000 people passing through its doors to date Lisa is constantly striving to create new and inspiring cooking events. Having taught entrepreneurs such as Jo Fairley, (founder of Green and Blacks chocolate) to the Women’s Institute (WI), junior and senior school children her style appeals to a broad range of people from all walks of life. Lisa and The Cocoa Box Ltd are keen supporters of the Katie Piper Foundation and regularly host events for the beneficiaries.

As well as writing a popular blog she has contributed recipes, restaurant reviews and top tips for publications including; Cosmopolitan magazine, iVillage, and Top Ten Gourmet Destinations. She loves travelling and discovering new exciting flavours and recipes and has recently written reviews for restaurants in New York, Marrakesh, Verona and Tobago. Lisa believes by exposing herself to different cultures and cuisines it helps her to keep her cooking fresh and interesting.

Lisa regularly films recipes and enjoys presenting at the Cake and Bake shows,  BBC Good Food Shows and the Ideal Home exhibition. She is frequently asked to write recipes and host live demonstrations for top brands such as Rachel’s Dairy, Emerald Street and John Lewis. Her relaxed, friendly approach ensures her audience is certain to try her recipes at home armed with great tips and knowledge. Lisa is currently working on her first book and an exciting TV project.


Mobile 07944531444

Twitter @thecocoabox

Instagram @lisamarleychef