Masia El Altet EVOO Classed as one of the Best and most Precious Olive oils in the WorldClasses as the most precious olive oils in the world


It’s so exciting discovering new produce. Especially when it’s this good. I truly believe what you eat can effect your whole life. It effects the way you feel, look, act and think. So when I was introduced to the Masia El Altet range by, I was very happy to try.

For me, bread is one of the best things in the world. It genuinely brings me happiness. Pairing fresh handmade bread with this oil is absolutely stunning. For starters the colour of the oil is a luminous sunshine yellow and the smell distinctive and evocative.

‘MASIA EL ALTET  extra virgin olive oils are  exquisite  with   a very special complexity,  sweet, dense and perfectly  balanced, with a very persistent flavour.  Exeptional high  quality olive oil  for the  real  connoisseurs….’


I found it works so well drizzled on fresh, homemade soups. I’m looking forward to warmer weather and using it on salads to make them sing. The taste is incredible and I feel lucky to have been introduced to it.


Home made soup and bread




Some tasting notes from the Vertia Vita ( website:

Tasting Notes

On the nose , herbaceous notes of freshly cut grass ( lawn grass, alfalfa) , wheat , barley and spring green oats, green banana and prunes, fig leaves, tender green almonds ( both the shell and the incipient fruit ) , apple and peach at the moment its color starts to lighten, cut tomato plant and green tomato, citric fruit.

Taste – in the mouth , sweet and dense as it enters, with a very balances spiciness and bitterness, herbaceous notes , as given above , great complexity. Notes of citric fruit, green banana, artichoke, tomato , tomato plant and other spontaneous , secondary nuances .

Why is Masia el Altet Oils so special ? 

The particular personality of the MASÍA EL ALTET EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL is largely determined by the fact so many aromatic and medicinal plants grow in and around the olive groves, giving the fruit its special, unique organoleptic properties.

These aromatic and medicinal plants include: southern wormwood, satureja, arnica, heather, juniper, hawthorn, lavender, rockrose, mint, fennel, St John’s wort, camomile, melissa, oregano, nettle, calamintha, chenille, rosemary, sage, cistus, thyme, summer savory, stonecrop, blackberry, wall germander, false yellowhead, nailwort, pebrella, white dittany and many, many more. More than 1200 species of higher plants have been catalogued, including many plants endemic to East Spain and the Alicante area.

The olive grove is located in the heart of the Sierra de Mariola and Font Roja Nature Reserves in the Alcoy mountains of Alicante province. It is more than 800 metres above sea level and the farm’s special microclimate gives our extra virgin olive oils some unique and unmistakable characteristics.

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 Extra Virgin Olive Oil High Quality   by  Masia El Altet  –    the ultimate  gourmet extra virgin  olive oils  –  most demanded in the World.

Classes as the most precious olive oils in the world