You have a few spare hours and you would like to bake a cake. Not just any cake, the best cake you can make. You can’t wait to slice into that cake and eat it with a nice cup of tea.

me I’m looking at the flour

First things first, what flour should you use? Wholemeal or white? Is wholemeal the better and healthier option? Wholemeal flour contains 100% of the wheat grain. Cakes made with wholemeal flour tend to have a closer texture. Ideal for fruit cakes and such like but maybe not so good for sponge mixtures.


What about Arthur and Martha? Wheatmeal? This flour contains all the germ and a bit of the wheat bran. The only thing is they don’t keep very well so be sure to buy in small bags.


Wholemeal and White flour are readily available in plain or self-raising. Self-raising flour by the way has a mix of raising agents evenly blended. Of course you can use plain and add baking powder yourself. Usually this would be 2.5 teaspoons of baking powder per 8 oz of plain flour.


The main difference in types of flour is the gluten content. This will vary depending on weather the flour is made from hard wheat or soft wheat.

All-purpose flour is has a number of uses such as cookies. Quick breads and some cakes. It’s a mixture of high-gluten hard wheat and low gluten soft wheat.

Whats Gluten??? Gluten is the protein that helps yeast stretch and rise.

Cake flour made mostly with soft wheat. It has a fine texture and a high starch content that makes it perfect for tender cakes, cookies and pastries.


Cake Flour – this flour has the lowest protein flour. It has gone through a bleaching process that increases the flours ability to hold water and sugar. This means that when you’re making baked delights with a high ratio of sugar to flour, the flour will be able to hold its rise.

A few tips if we may

If you aren’t sure what flour to use then go with plain.

Best not to use strong/bread flour for your yummy cakes as it will result in an open texture. Ideally you are looking for the finer texture in your creations.