Our diverse range of cupcake and chocolate making workshops are perfect for entertaining corporate clients, building a fantastic team, deliciously decadent hen party’s or the ideal gift for friends and loved ones.

Our culinary events are designed to delight and inspire. We invite you to explore new tastes, aromas and sensation’s that will surprise and delight.

We ensure the highest quality service and presentation and our uniquely designed experiences will offer you the chance to hone new skills in a relaxed, creative and fun environment.

We host our events in London, Brighton, Manchester and Bristol.

Team building/Corporate events

2 hours

Our team-building workshop’s offer a creative and innovative approach to strengthening your team and bonding with clients.

The chocolate workshop

Make handmade chocolates from dark chocolate and whipping cream. Under our expert guidance you will learn how to mix, pipe, roll, enrobe and decorate with a variety of delictable toppings. Package your very own delicious Belgian truffles with ribbons and bags and take home a detailed recipe sheet. Chocolate heaven.




The Cupcake Decoration class

2 hours

Discover how to make each individual cupcake look stunning, beautiful and delicious with ease and finesse. Indulge in light fluffy butter cream, fondant icing and cream cheese whilst practising your new found skills. We will guide you through the class so you are confident in piping swirls and roses as well as hand making decorations from coloured sugarpaste. Package your hand decorated cupcakes in boxes with ribbon and take home a detailed recipe sheet. This is the perfect class for anyone who likes the sweeter things in life.


The chocolate workshop

2 hours

A must for chocolate lovers. Our chocolateiers have selected the finest chocolate for you to taste and enjoy. As well as discovering the fascinating process from bean to bar, how chocolate is made you will also be taught the perfect way to taste chocolate. In this very hands on class you will make a creamy, dark chocolate centre and pipe the divine mixture. Shape and mould then enrobe in melted milk chocolate. Decorate with a selection of beautiful topping and then package with ribbon. Take home your chocolate delights with a detailed recipe sheet.


Patisserie classes

3 & 5 hour Baking & Patisserie classes

We run 3 & 5 hr baking & patisserie classes throughout the year.

This is an ideal course for baking enthusiasts, the masterclass covers all the essential methods of classic cake making and baking with a contemporary twist. Once you have mastered the basic methods, including creaming and whisking  you will have the confidence to try bake again and again. You will bake light and fluffy moist cupcakes as well  covering piping techniques with butter frosting.

You will also bake superb dark chocolate biscuits that melt in the mouth

£120 – £150

Please contact us for more details, to make a booking or to buy a voucher